RDA: Resource Description and Access / by Resource Description & Access and RDA (Nov 22, 2010)



RDA Vocabularies for a Twenty-First-Century Data Environment / by Karen Coyle (Mar 1, 2010)
从关联数据角度讨论RDA。刊于期刊:Library Technology Reports, v.46, no.2(ProQuest、EBSCO收录)
1 Library Data in the Web World 5
2 Metadata Models of the World Wide Web 12
3 FRBR, the Domain Model 20
4 RDA in RDF 26
Resources 37

Introducing RDA: A Guide to the Basics / by Chris Oliver (Jul 9, 2010)
最早的RDA入门性专著,亚马逊Look Inside可以看第一章及文后部分。推荐阅读书目较全面。
1 What is RDA? 1
2 RDA and the International Context 6
3 FRBR and FRAD in RDA 13
4 Continuity with AACR2 37
5 Where Do We See Changes 47
6 Implementing RDA 73
7 Advantages, Present and Future 91
Selected Resources and Readings 105
Index 111

The RDA Primer: A Guide for the Occasional Cataloger / by Amy Hart (Sep 16, 2010)
对RDA及相关内容的简要解说,亚马逊Look Inside可以看导论、第一章前面部分及索引。
Introduction xi
1 History and Development of RDA 1
2 What is FRBR? Who is FRAD? 9
3 FRBR and FRAD Entities 13
4 FRBR and FRAD Relationships 21
5 AACR2 to RDA 29
6 Changes from AACR2 to RDA 35
7 MARC Changes 45
8 Putting It All Together 53
9 RDA and Library Systems 61
10 Metadata Community 65
11 RDA and Metadata 71
12 RDA and YOU 79
Work Cited 83
Index 87

Describing Electronic, Digital, and Other Media Using AACR and RDA: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians / by Mary Beth Weber and Fay Austin (Nov 30, 2010)
估计就提到一点儿RDA。书评:”This is an up-to-date and handy desk reference for catalogers of electronic, digital cartographic, sound, video, Internet, database, and other mixed media. It’s also suitable for non-tech services librariansa€|With a useful CD-ROM for step-by-step help and a companion website that will be updated as necessary. Recommended.” –Library Journal, April 2011

Practical Cataloguing: AACR, RDA and MARC21 / by Anne Welsh and Sue Batley (Jun 30, 2011)
introduction to catalogs and cataloging standards;
publication formats and bibliographic elements;
access points and headings;
RDA: the new standard, its development, structure and features;
AACR and RDA: the similarities and differences between the two standards;
the MARC21 record, studying tags, indicators and sub-field codes;
summary, outlining the major issues.